Platinum selling rappers Trick Daddy  & Trina release new single "Smooth Sailing" off

“Been out the game for a while, but now I’m about to get personal,” raps Trick Daddy. Today marks the 20 year anniversary of Trick Daddy's debut album "Based On A True Story." What better way to celebrate then to hop in your donk, AKA. your chevy, and turn up the vibrations on Trick Daddy and Trina's new track "Smooth Sailing."

It's been 15 years since the platinum selling rap artists Trina & Trick Daddy gave us "Nann," and now they are reuniting to bring back that nostalgic 305 feel to hip hop. With the highly anticipated, joint album TNT on the radar for a soon release, we settle for this upbeat single featuring Ali Coyote.

"We both are genuinely excited about the album. We all have come into our own and want to just create great timeless music and celebrate our history and growth,” says Trick Daddy and Trina

The Ali Coyote and Myles Bell produced track screams timeless Trick and Trina resonance that has been missing from the culture for some time. With that said, do not hesitate to turn your speakers up, and soak in this 305 energy from this new Slip N' Slide track. Its only the start to the rebirth of the classic Miami Trick and Trina collaborations.

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