Helping The Community That's In Need!

If you didn't know, I reside in the Central Forida area. Hopefully, by now you all know what has been going on all over the entire state. If not, unfortunately, you have been living under a rock. Since Hurricane Irma left Florida on Monday, September 11, the state has been devastated with loss of power for millions, destroyed homes, gas shortages, schools being shut down, and in a lot of grocery stores, there's a limited supply of food. But even in this time of hardship for a lot families, there are people that are out there doing what they can to help the community.

I woke up this morning and saw a tag on my Facebook page from Salma Yusuf. She started a "Rebuild Your Community" campaign to help people that are in need during this time. She is using her own resources and the donations that she is receiving to help the people in her community and other communities in the Central FL area. After having a conversation with her, the direction that she is going is more than just giving money. Salma is helping locals, as well as others who want to help physically go to the people that are in need.

Salma is just one of the many people out there that want to help people and communities in need. If you would like more information on how to help, and/or donate, just simply follow to the links below.

Salma, I salute you and everyone who is doing their part to help those in need, and also helping to start rebuilding Florida.​

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