Robin Jerrell Bellamy, also known as DJ RL “The Blend King”, is an American Disc Jockey from Columbus, GA. DJ RL currently resides in Orlando Florida, where he has learned to fuse his entrepreneurial mindset and his music skills together to manifest his brand as “The Blend King.” As a young kid, DJ RL became fascinated with music, its orchestrations, and its ability to move and change peoples feelings in a short amount of time. As child, he had his heart set on being an R&B Singer. Very quickly he realized this wasn't the direction music would take him.


DJ RL, was first introduced to the art of DJing as a teenager at a club in Columbus, GA called The Backdoor. At that time, he thought this skill was just a hobby or if you were a radio personality. Soon he would find out, it would be his career. With mentors like DJ M3, DJ Swiss, Jc Flores, and Dj Slic Vic, he was able to learn how to cater to the masses. 


“I never knew that I would become a DJ, my goal was to become an artist, but that was short lived. Then my next goal was to be a Composer/Director for a symphony orchestra and for films.”

 - DJ RL

The Blend King has transcended barriers across demographics and genres.From the hottest night clubs, cruise ships, and resorts, to the whose who International fashion events, he has been able to spread his talents across many ears. At the same time, he has used his abilities to cater to the business side of the industry, where he has connected with several musicians and brands as an artist development consultant. 


There is no limit to what DJ RL is willing to try, while merging music, he also  merges the visual side of the entertainment industry. With his degree in Recording Engineering from Full Sail University, DJ RL specializes in Tv production and Audio Visual. The Blend King is more than just a name, brand, its his identity. He blends his multi skill set with his life. He intertwines his skills to not only enhance himself but to reach and enhance others.